Paul & his family

About Paul Miller

Paul and Sheila grew up in Healdsburg, and attended U.C. Davis and Empire College School of Law together. Prior to working together, Paul and Sheila both worked as estate planning attorneys at the Council on Aging Services for Seniors.

Paul graduated cum laude from Empire College School of Law in Santa Rosa in 2002, and received his Masters in Taxation (LL.M.) from Golden Gate University in 2016. Paul is currently pursuing his Masters in Estate Planning Law from Golden Gate University School of Law.

Paul is fortunate to live in Santa Rosa, and spends his free time with his wife Paula, his two young sons, his dog Emma, and his six chickens.

Paul takes pride in being involved in our community, devoting his time to Rebuilding Together, park cleanup projects, and legalizing backyard chickens in Santa Rosa.

Paul is a regular lecturer to other attorneys, CPAs, colleges, and non-profit groups about estate planning.

About Sheila Miller

Sheila graduated from Empire College School of Law in Santa Rosa in 2002, and brings over a decade of experience in family law, civil law, mediation and estate planning to the Law Office of Paul Miller. Sheila is currently completing her Masters in Estate Planning Law from Golden Gate University School of Law.

Sheila lives in Santa Rosa, and in her free time volunteers for Recourse Mediation, gardens, hangs out with her nephews, and attends to her three senior dogs.

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Our Practice area

Estate planning is the thoughtful, loving act of planning for your future - and the future of your loved ones - without you. Proper estate planning allows your loved ones to step into your shoes for financial and health care decisions in case of your incapacity, and also allows for the seamless, efficient transfer of property after you pass away. Proper estate planning also allows for the effective long term management of trust funds for minor children and young adults. Failure to have an effective estate plan in place can lead to expensive and time-consuming estate administration, and perhaps having your estate pass to unintended beneficiaries.

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When an individual dies with substantial assets and has only a Will in place (or no Will at all), his or her estate may be subject to probate. Probate is the court-supervised process in which a decedents assets are marshalled, debts and taxes are paid, and the remaining assets are distributed. Probate can be a confusing, time-consuming, and form-intensive process, and you may need professional help to guide you through the process.

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When a loved one dies, your life can be thrown upside down: Suddenly you have to deal with a loved one’s property and bills that they have accumulated over a lifetime, and maneuvering the confusing estate administration process can be daunting and overwhelming.

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